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SketchUp Ruby scripts

JS Zoom Selected
A simple script that should have been in SketchUp from the start. Assign it to a shortcut hot key.

JS MoveTool
Moves a selection with the arrow keys.Assign it to a shortcut hot key.
For example Alt+M. Look inside the script for usage.

JS Extrude
Extrudes a face/faces along either X, Y or Z axis or the normal direction.

JS Align
Aligns edges or groups/components.

JS Shadow Threshold
Set the threshold for when a transparent object will cast shadows.
Works on either entire model or a selection.

JS Shadow Control
Set if a selection should cast or receive shadows.

JS Background Color
Set background, sky and horizon color and ground color.

JS Focal Length
Set the cameras focal length.

JS Frame Step
Go to a specified frame of an animation.

JS Camera Tool
Set camera offset for rotation and translation numericly.

SketchUp styles

JS Sketch01
A sketchy pencil line style.

JS Pen01
A sketchy ink line style.