How to use Darktree shaders
with MentalRay in Maya

Download the TIWdtemental shader here and the DarkTree demo here. You need the dlls in the component directory for it to work.
The component dlls are also available in the DarkTree Engine zip here.
While your at it you might as well download the cellular texture component addon here. Put the dll in the same directory as the others.
Also get my modified mi file for TIWdtemental with node ids and presets here.
If you want to edit the shaders or create your own buy DarkTree here.


Before you can use these shaders, your system needs to be setup for them.

1. Copy the file "TIWdtemental.mi" to the directory where mental ray or your 3d application usually looks for the shader declaration files.
C:\Program Files\Alias\Maya6.0\mentalray\include

2. Copy the file "TIWdtemental.dll" to the directory where mental ray or your 3d application usually looks for the shader lib files.
C:\Program Files\Alias\Maya6.0\mentalray\lib

3. You need to create an environment variable "TIWDTE_COMPONENTS" and set it to the path of the DarkTree component libraries.
These are typically found in a directory called "components" under your installation directory of DarkTree 2.5. Please note: the path needs to end on a "\" (reverse slash).

Then you have to add two entries in the maya.rayrc located in
C:\Program Files\Alias\Maya6.0\mentalray
Open it in a texteditor and add these values in their proper place.

link "{MAYABASE}/lib/TIWdtemental.{DSO}"

mi "{MAYABASE}/include/TIWdtemental.mi"

Start maya and look at the scipt editor if you can see the line
// parsing C:/Program Files/Alias/Maya6.0/mentalray/include/TIWdtemental.mi
If you cant see any errormessages everything should be ok.

You will find the shaders under Create Mental Ray shaders\miscellaneous

Read the pdf in the zip for info on the shader nodes.

You need the correct path to the shader in the colortree.
Something like: C:\Program Files\DarkSim\Textures\Jans\JS_cliffs02.dsts

The tiwdte_color_uv, tiwdte_elevation_uv and tiwdte_percent_uv need a: mr_texture_vector (found under MR textures) attached to their coord.
Just middle mouse drag and connect.

The tiwdte_color, elevation and percent (without UV) doesnt need that. Just experiment to see the difference.

The color connects to any shaders color value. Set the colorscale to 1.
The Uscale and V scale to 1 but you can scale the texture with this value.
In the colortree you supply the full pathname to your color texture file.

The Elevation connects to displacement (or bump). Elevation scale is the displacement/bump amount

The Percent connects to whatever more value a shader consists of. (specular, reflectivity and such). My shaders dont contain any percent channels yet since tiwdte doesnt support percent channels if they are not there own shader file (.dstp). See the note below.

Note on using percent trees:

The tiwdte_percent shaders only work with .dstp files. If your DarkTree shader file (.dts) contains a percent it is usally assigned to one of the shading channels. The tiwdte_percent shaders have no way of knowing which channel it is assigned to and thus render black.

Good luck!